Pearl Beauty Garden
To care for one’s face is to care for one’s soul.

Are you practical, but also adore beauty and luxury?

Me too.

When I set out to find the secrets that I share here, I had just given birth to my
second child.  My skin was changing in ways that I didn’t like, but after trying
conventional skin products, I discovered that I was allergic to many of them.
Using my research skills as a writer, I began to look for answers.  What I found
brought my skin to bloom, and so delighted me that it led to the
founding of my company, Pearl Beauty Garden, Inc.

The techniques shared here come from the beauty rites of ancient civilizations.  To
coax the skin to bloom, women used flowers, plant oils, herbs and ingredients from
their own kitchens such as milk, honey and wine.  It worked well for them, and can
work just as well for you now.

You have only one skin.  Care for it like a fine silk garment that has to last a
lifetime, and discover the joy and confidence that can come from cherishing your
own beauty.
This applies to your mind and mood as well.  Caring for your own beauty
involves much more than vanity; giving pleasure to your body soothes the mind.

Are you ready to spend 15 minutes a day, sometimes more, getting a gorgeous
complexion?  Once you learn how, these rituals will become as automatic as brushing
your teeth.

Persevere.  Remember that the cells of your skin are completely renewed every 27
days.  What this means is that anyone can beautify their complexion within one month
-- and with gorgeous skin, you can always feel like a pretty woman.

A joyful surprise awaits you. You can change what you don’t like to see in the mirror.
In the process you can become completely renewed, and happy with yourself.  

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Thank you.
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