Pearl Beauty Garden

Guide to Eating
for Gorgeous Skin
What you eat forms the building blocks for healthy, glowing skin.  

Think about it; you have only one skin.  Care for it like
a fine silk garment that
has to last a lifetime
Certain foods and "skin drinks" contain rich supplies of the vitamins and
other elements that build prettier skin
from the inside out.

The cells of your skin are completely renewed every 27 days.  This means
that anyone can beautify their complexion within one month - and with what
you don't like to see in the mirror.  In the process, you can become
completely renewed, and happy with yourself.
Would you like to learn the secrets of building a prettier complexion from the
inside out?  The
Guide to Eating for Beauty contains instructions for making
skin drinks, complexion broths, and other beauty foods to give you what you

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