Pearl Beauty Garden
Geisha Nail Balm
Want to know the real reason why your nails split and break?

Your delicate nails can become dried out brittle very easily. Daily use of
beauty products such as shampoo, soap and body wash, which are
designed to remove sweat and oil, also work to strip your nails of their
natural protection.

Think about it.

Hand cream or lotion cannot fully replace these oils. You need a nail balm
which works to nourish the nail, bind nutrients into the cuticle, and acts
as a barrier to water at the same time.

Geisha Nail Balm contains no preservatives, parabens, or petroleum
by-products such as mineral oil. It will protect and nourish your delicate

We guarantee that you will be delighted with your nails after JUST THREE
DAYS of using this gentle Balm.

Sample Geisha Nail Balm