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How to Stop a Breakout
Here are suggestions for stopping or reducing a breakout once you feel it

First, get these simple ingredients from your health food store and mix in a
small jar:

Healing Oil Blend

1 T safflower oil
1 T grapeseed oil
2 T jojoba oil
1/2 t olive oil
1 drop pure rosemary or lavender essential oil
Store this in a glass (not plastic) bottle or jar on your bathroom shelf.


Wash your hands.  Always start with clean hands when touching your face.

Wash your face.  

Now, gather up a few simple supplies:

2 clean washcloths
A tray of ice cubes
Large bowl
Hot water
Empty the tray of ice cubes into a bowl.  Add cold water.

Using hot water from your faucet, soak a washcloth until it is very warm (make
sure the water is not hot enough to burn your skin.)

Wring the washcloth out and press it to your face.  Hold it there until it has

Take another clean washcloth and put it into the bowl of ice water.  Wring it
out and press to your face.  Hold it there until it has warmed.

Repeat this process five times.
This hot-and-cold flush will increase circulation to the area, and help your
body to release the infection without having it break through the skin.  It will
also help to speed healing of breakouts already underway.

Next, take a tiny amount of your Healing Oil blend and tap into the areas that
feel inflamed.

Don’t rub, or scrub. Tap.
Tap until the area feels very warm.  The warmth of your hands, and moving
the skin around in this way helps congestion to release without having to
erupt every time.  That's good.

Leave this tiny bit of Healing Oil in place, to heal your skin.
Don’t be afraid to put plant oils on your face!  These oils are mild, and will not
clog your pores as mineral oil might do.

Instead, this blend will soften inflamed skin, so that plugs can fall out on their
Works on blackheads too.

It's so simple that you would think it can't work. But it does. Simple, simple,
simple is best.

Do this as soon as you feel that you are starting to develop a blemish, and
persist until the infection is re-absorbed by the body.  You will find that most
of your breakouts will vanish quickly this way.
Most of our clients with acne come to us with skin that has been over-
scrubbed, dried out and in general, tormented. Rough treatment leads to
redness, scars, and pitting.  Instead, try to coax your complexion to bloom.  

Don’t pick, or squeeze your skin, ever.

If you must, wash your face in the dark, with a nightlight on in the bathroom.
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