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7 Secrets of Silken Hair
Wishing for silken hair?

Find the secrets used by Japanese geishas to care for their very long, silky hair.  

You'll discover secrets such as:

How to use natural extracts such as rosewater, flower oils and filtered water to get silken hair.

How and when to use heat on your hair.

Instructions for simple scalp massage to remove flakes and make hair grow faster and thicker.  

How to prevent shampoo residue from building up on your hair.  

Do you have long hair?  

Then you know that long hair needs different care than shorter styles.  It even needs to be washed
differently.  Learn how.

Which foods and vitamins will help to grow beautiful hair.  Diet tips to make your hair shiny.

Which water to drink as part of a high-mineral diet to maintain hair health.  

Find the 7 Secrets of Silken Hair here
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