We specialize in the care of the face, body and hair.

Our desire is to bring joy, beauty and pleasure to women's lives.

All of our books and products are designed to help women bring their
own natural beauty to bloom.
Pearl Beauty Garden
Giving Women the Keys
to Their Own Well-Being
Here you will find the secrets of Asian beauties who lived long ago.  These
secrets were once known only to royalty.  Find out how to:

Remove complexion flaws and bring your skin to bloom through the use of
flowers and plant extracts;
Many of our clients are allergic to conventional skin care products.

We offer handmade organic skin care products.

We also custom-formulate products for women with specific needs.

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Get the silken hair of a Japanese Geisha
Create a radiant complexion from the inside out through the use of "skin
drinks," complexion broths, and other
high-nutrient foods